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  • What is this site about?
    This site is build by shemale lovers for shemale lovers. We decided to build a database of shemales with as much info as possible. We have spend months to build this site.

  • What are shemales?
    There are many words for a shemale, transsexual, tranny, tgirl, ts etc. A shemale is a natal male who has partially undergone transition to female, in most cases has breasts, but still has male genitals. There are also post-op shemales, these shemales had their male genitals removed.

  • What do I get if I sign up for free?
    By signing up you'll be able to vote for models and add models to your favorites. We will notify you once a new update has been added for any of your favorite models. You can cancel this service anytime you wish.

  • How often is this site updated?
    The site is updated at least once a week but we aim to update everyday.

  • Can I add models myself?
    At the moment this is not possible but we might have this option available in the future for members.

  • Can I e-mail models to you?
    Yes you can. If you want a model added you can e-mail us and we'll review your request. Please add as much information about the model as possible in your e-mail.

  • I can't find a model on your site. Can I e-mail you a model to identify her?
    No you can't e-mail us a picture but you can e-mail us a link to the picture(s), video(s) and we'll try to identify her.

  • What is the model ranking based on?
    Ranking is based on votes by members. If you wish to vote please sign up for free here.

  • What is the scene ranking based on?
    Scene rank is based on the number of views of that scene.

  • What sites are included on your site?
    We only include sites with at least 50% exclusive content. We try to include as many sites as possible. Indexing new sites and scenes is very time consuming so it takes a while to get most of the sites indexed.

  • Can I purchase DVDS on your site?
    You can not purchase dvds directly from us but we are affiliated with CD-Universe which we link to on our site. All models have a DVD link but unfortunately not every model has a DVD. Please try to search on a different name if the page doesn't give any results since some models use different names.

  • Can I download movies on your site?
    No we do not have any movies on our site that can be downloaded, we only help you find the movies and link to the sites that offer them.

  • What will you do with my e-mail address if I sign up for free?
    If you have added models to your favorites we will e-mail you once a new scene has been added for her. If you wish to cancel this service please login and change your settings, we do not share email/personal info with 3rd parties.

  • Why do I only see one picture per scene?
    We only offer a sample picture to show what the scene is about. We can't give away too much content. The site owners spend a lot of money and time to keep their sites running and it wouldn't be fair if we give it all away for free.

  • I signed up at a site listed on your site and don't like it. What can I do?
    We do not own any of the sites that we link to. It's the best to contact the support department and try to solve the problem with them.

  • What can I do with "My Favorites"?
    My favorites allows you to get a quick overview of the updates on your favorite models. We will also e-mail you when there's an update for one of your favorites.

  • I can't find a model, what to do?
    If you can't find a model try to limit your search. Or if you aren't sure about her name only try the first few characters. If you still can't find her you can contact us and send us a link to a picture or movie.

  • I don't get any results when I use the search option. What to do?
    If you can't find a model try to limit your search. Or if you aren't sure about her name only try the first few characters.

  • Can I add my own site?
    No you can't add your own site but you can use the contact form and send us your url and a username/password so we can decide if we will add it or not. Do I have to pay to use this site? No you do not have to pay for this site. We offer a 100% free service but we would appreciate it if you become a member of one of the sites listed on ShemaleModelIndex.com.
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